Reclining shower chair for safer handling

A reclining shower chair is an important piece of equipment for most hospitals and places that takes care of elderly as these chairs makes showering patients and elderly that are unable to move much on their own that much easier. The quality and efficiency all depends on the manufacturer of course and one that produces high quality reclining shower chairs, among other things, are TR Equipment. With focus on low cost of ownership, simplicity, functionality and safety they deliver equipment and tools that greatly assists in bathing ad showering patients and elderly alike.

 For those that desire a shower chair that lasts, TR Equipment is a safe choice and provides hygiene equipment that have taken the expertise and advice from patient hygiene experts. They also make bathtubs and mobile bath lifts that ease the burden for caretakers.

Make hygiene simple, not difficult

The use of bath lifts, bathtubs and reclining shower chairs is often important as it makes hygiene a much smoother part of the day for patients and caretakers alike. It also makes lifting and lowering patients less straining, resulting in minimized risk for work-related injuries. It's important equipment that makes bathing and showering more dignified. 

While the shower chairs may cost a bit, it's ultimately worth it to ensure that no leave of absence is needed due to injuries nor stress. Not to mention it makes things more comfortable for both parties involved. In the long run the equipment simply is worth it, both for potential money saved and increased efficiency.​