Strong laminated Surgical drapes

The Surgical drape​​, one thing of many within hospitals and just as important as most of the items that you can find in said hospitals. It's a simple thing, laminates meant to protect bodies and tools from liquids, generally blood or keratin depending on the patient and their affliction. The reason why is likely obvious to most people reading this, but I'll say it anyway! Since they're used for surgeries, it's important to reduce risks of disease and viral infections happening, so by providing a physical barrier you reduce the risks of contamination. Surgical drapes cover the patients and helps collect fluids as well during surgery. Keeping things sterile during a surgery is a given to avoid increased risk of harm and death during the procedure with high quality plastic that are double or triple layered.

The many things for clinics

Surgical drapes is but one of many things to help with hygiene and sterility such as aprons, gloves and wipes and many of these things are of course specifically made to be used by hospitals and thus are made with a different standard than the products that regular people use. This means of course that they're not purchased from regular stores but rather from a manufacturer like Finess Hygiene and sell mainly to clinics and industries. They do have some products that can be sold to regular folks though, but their focus is mainly aimed at companies and hospitals as far as I can tell, though I could be wrong.